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From the Moon to the Sun
Where do we come from, where are we going to?

The Moon and the Sun are fundamental to the chart interpretation. They stand for our life's journey. But which kind of path do they describe? What are the challenges of the path? And, what does it mean, in a wider sense, for the society we are living in? An exploration.


Paul Gauguin
D'où venons-nous, Que sommes-nous?
Où allons-nous?

(ISAR Conference 2009)



Modern Times
The call from the 11th house

As the world around us undergoes deep structural changes, wouldn't it be time to review our traditional (and modern) approach of chart interpretation? When society asks us to be independent, creative and to participate in social processes at school, university and work, does this not suggest that the 5th house has gained importance above, for instance, the 6th house?

Put differently: is an approach of chart's interpretation based upon two thousand years of observations of a specific sort of life experiences still meaningful for modern man and social demands?

This lecture is an exploration of some essential social changes that clearly point at the shift from Pisces to Aquarius; from the 6-12 to the 5-11 axis. We will look at the practical interpretations.