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and the FED

© Robert Gover (9 june 2010)

As Pluto conjoins the Federal Reserve’s natal Sun, opposite natal Pluto, a move to audit the Fed grows. It’s a rare bipartisan proposal now wending its way through Congress.

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke has spoken out strongly against such an audit. He argues that much of what the Fed does must be kept out of the hands of politicians, and asserts that the Fed is responsible to the American people.

Which people does the Fed actually benefit? For the past 40 years, the middle class has been shrinking while the rich have grown richer.

The Constitution specifies that Congress control the nation’s money. When Congress created the Fed in December 1913, it privatized control of money. But bankers have a legal responsibility to maximize profits for shareholders, not the public.

The Fed creates and lends the nation’s money, 97% of which is credit, not physical dollar bills. The Fed loans money to government at interest and the interest is repaid by taxpayers via the IRS. In other words, the Fed lends credit money and is repaid in hard-earned cash (actually Federal Reserve Notes). What it lends to government is called “the national debt.”

With the national debt now at $13 trillion, it has become clear that there is no way the American people can repay even the interest on this horrendous loan. And reducing working class Americans to third world status will not solve this problem

An audit would also reveal the Plunge Protection Team. The PPT was created by Executive Order during the Reagan Administration. It’s a secret consortium of big money interests whose duty is to protect against stock market crashes. It’s an undercover financial operation. A recent Wall Street Journal article (June 5, 2010) addressed this concern:

“Suspicions that the Fed has been a long standing participant in the Plunge Protection Team (PPT) have reigned forever, even though the Fed actively denies their participation. If the Fed is audited, they will be forced to reveal how funds are controlled, where they go and to whom, how often, and how much. If the Fed artificially inflated the stock market and thereby caused rising stock valuations through undercover PPT activities, this will be determined by the audit.”

If/when the American public learns the truth about the Fed, there will be outrage, and Pluto’s transit over the Fed’s Sun-Pluto opposition will manifest as a major transformation in how our money is created and distributed. The PPT is small potatoes compared to the Fed’s impact on the monetary health of American society. How money gets distributed determines what kind of society we become.

Adding to the potency of Pluto conjoined the Fed’s Sun opposite its natal Pluto is an opposition of Saturn and Uranus, forming a T square with Pluto.

Any astrologer who has experienced a transit of Pluto conjunct natal Sun knows the potency of this aspect. In 1987, T Pluto made three exact conjunctions with my Sun in Scorpio, conjoined Mars and Moon, trine natal Pluto. Simultaneously, Uranus squared my MC. The changes this put me through gave me a new appreciation for the powers of Pluto and Uranus.

Given the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto T-square hitting the Fed’s Sun-Pluto opposition, the transformation of the Fed is likely to slowly build to a dramatic manifestation. The money system will probably change and since money is the fulcrum of modern culture, our entire way of life will change.

Change can be painful even when it’s necessary for a brighter future. A Native American saying advises, Sit down with your pain and make friends with it. Pain is a visitor who often leaves wonderful gifts

© Robert Gover
June 2010

Robert Gover is author of many books, among others:
Time And Money


Federal Reserve

23 december 1913, Boston MA, 18.02 EST
(according to a copy of the Dec 24, 1913 edition of the New York Times - Matthew Carnicelli)
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