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what happened last time?


© Béatrice Boucher, DFAstrolS (2007)


Most themes present and past that are related to the entry of Pluto in the earthy sign of Capricorn have been discussed by astrologers all over the world.

During the last transit of Pluto in Capricorn the political situation in the kingdom of France, ie the Absolute Monarchy was clearly a preparation for the revolution to come. Too many wars had devastated the country, the people were sick and starving. The next king, Louis XVI, seemed first to wanting changes and to do something about the dramatic economical situation. He tried to carry out social reforms but the nobility didn’t want to lose its privileges and thwarted each of his plans. Finally Louis XVI was guillotined by the people, like many others with him, during the French revolution.

On the new continent, another country was ready for change and fought its wars of independence. In the US-chart we find Pluto in Capricorn in the 2nd house (Sibly chart - Dane Rudhyar). The US will have their first Pluto return, but not sooner as 2021-2022 when Pluto will be at 27 degree Capricorn.

So, there is much to say about this period and much has already been written and said. For now I would only like to point at some less known events which were important as well and which shows some resemblances with the present situation.

I discovered that there had been an international stock market crash in august 1763, that was followed by the bankruptcy of hundreds of enterprises in Europe. Rather surprising at first glance because in 1763 Saturn was in Taurus (money) trine Pluto and Uranus was in Aries like it will be in 2010. A quote:

“The overheated financial markets at the end of the Seven Years' War become fatal to the Amsterdam financial world. The great need of money, necessary for the purchase of war material, provoked kite flying to draw and back due to be prolonged. This created a comprehensive bill of exchanges of which Amsterdam and Hamburg were the centres of.

About this phenomenon Sautijn Kluit notes:

"People by then took recourse to the credit they owned by others; who were likewise unable to comply and resorted to the credit that they had by others, the latter were as well forced to take a similar path. And hence "the ride continued” and gradually there was a gradual ‘kite flying."

As the original debtors weren’t able to pay, the credit in fact was an artificially constructed house of cards which had to collapse at the very first wind blast. When in July 1763 a major Amsterdam banker went bankrupt, the house of cards collapsed and even very solid banking houses were in difficulty. Because of the international entanglement the crisis quickly spread to Hamburg, Berlin and Leipzig. In Hamburg only, more than 95 merchants and bankers went bankrupt in short time.

The US and Europe seem now to be on retraining exercises, though the credits ones has from land and buildings -the high mortgages-- are now not so much from merchants or nobility, but from workers at least so long Saturn is still in Virgo.

A resemblance with the current situation is that at the end of the last phase of Pluto through Sagittarius (like next year), there was on a global level, a (first) world war: the 7-year war (1756-1763). This 7-year war is sometimes called the first world war, but this remains a question because in fact only the European countries were at war with each others every where in the world. Ultimately - and that's interesting - it led to a redistribution of nearly all possessed territories (ie the colonies). This too contributed to the humanitarian and economic crisis: the old structures had to be completely destroyed. That is Pluto in Capricorn too.

Furthermore - and just for the record about Capricorn and Science - it is during the last Pluto Capricorn period that the metre, the kilogram and the second (!) were defined as "fixed units"!.

Béatrice Boucher, DFAStrols '07
publication for AstroTime

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